The land of the free and the home of the Red Scare

The Red Scare that led to the fear of communism which permeated American politics

America is a nation built on freedom and founded on liberty. Its fore-fathers broke away from the yoke of British imperial oppression for this very purpose. However, at many points in its auspicious history, these founding ideals have been grievously rejected and degraded, whether it be in the late emancipation of the slaves …

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Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn

The Rise of Hollywood in 1920s and 1930s America

Cinema is the ultimate form of escapism. The experience as we know it today tantalises our senses in every way – from the darkened focused environment, the specialised surround sound system ringing in our ears, the smell and taste of the popcorn to take us away from the distractions of our home life. Total immersion is required. The world of the cinema has come a long way from…

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The Feminine Mystique

Movements for Change Against ‘A Problem that has No Name’

In 1963, feminist writer and psychologist, Betty Friedan penned a controversial book that revolutionised how women viewed their role and identities. This book was titled The Feminine Mystique, which became a landmark and catalyst for …

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World War II – Shaking the old prejudices about gender roles

The Impact of World War II on the Role of Women

The Second World War required new roles for women with the aim of freeing men in the country to go out to fight for democracy. In the first six months after Pearl Harbour, 750,000 women applied for jobs in defence plants, but only 80,000 were hired. Why was …

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Flapper girls in 1920s America

Free Spirit Flapper

The Roaring Twenties of America saw a break from the traditional view of women. This new style known as flappers derived from Britain which featured a different way of living and so the ‘new woman’ was created. WW1 had resulted in a shift of …

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