Charm School

I Love Lucy

Written by Rehana Akudi

Monday 10th February 2020

The CBS show starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley aired until May 6, 1957 and ran for four seasons.

The sitcom I Love Lucy, premiered in 1951 and was considered to be the most popular television show to hit the American screens during the fifties. In the award winning show, Lucy played by star Lucille Ball is a restless housewife who dreams for a career in showbiz and continuously dreams of a life beyond her kitchen and chores, whilst her husband Ricky is busy entertaining at the Tropicana nightclub and firmly believes that a woman’s place is in the home only.

It was the first show on television to portray a multi-ethnic marriage on prime-time. The programme would often advertise the ideal lifestyle for a woman to aspire to. However, it cannot be ignored how the actress Ball herself was a pioneer, as she was one of the first comic female leads on television. Later, Ball also broke barriers by being the first female head of a major production company which produced hits like Star Trek and Mission Impossible.

I Love Lucy, Season 3 Episode 15 – aired 25 January 1954

In this comical episode I have linked, Lucy and Ethel are upset that Ricky and Fred don’t seem interested in them. After seeing how they react to a friend’s beautiful and poised date, they enrol in charm school to gain more attention from their husbands. To attract them again, they go to great lengths and learn to alter their hair, make up, dress and voice.

Click and enjoy watching this light hearted and humorous clip!

One thought on “Charm School

  1. This show was made to show the American woman what they should aspire to be like, it was advertised on billboards as this was a social ideology for women. Not only that, the husbands attitude is also important as it shows that men should firmly believe that women belong in the home. This created an ideal home for all Americans to aspire to.


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